MoRa museum has selected Miss.Gun  (Melissa Gun) as an ambassador (member of the advisory board) of the museum’s art and fashion activities.

With her help museum hosted many big Fashion and Art Fairs, the most successful and productive were: 

  1. April 2020 – solo online exhibition of contemporary photography and portraits “Famous Faces”

Organizer: MoRa Museum

Name of the Exhibition: “Famous Faces, Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun)

Number of participants: 150

Address: Museum of Russian Art (MoRa), 80 Grand Street, Jersey City, New Jersey

Date: April 10-20th,  2020

“Famous faces” was an online exhibition due to the Covid-restrictions and lockdown. Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) was locked down in Dubai (UAE). She couldn’t travel, even though her energy and contribution to fashion and art discovered unoriginal ways to promote art and fashion events and introduced innovative projects.

The idea and the main aim of the exhibition were to unite talented people from around the world during the tuff world period with the inspiration of art and fashion.

All exhibition participants: artists, fashion designers, models, modeling agencies, collectors, and representatives of the beauty industry, were locked down in their cities and countries. Entertainment events were stopped for half a year. But MoRa Museum decided not to stop and keep moving in giving beauty and art to the world.

The event’s primary purpose was to present new art and fashion trends in the modern world art and digital industry.

MoRa museum created a digital platform with help of Miss.Gun and virtual exhibition for famous portrait artists and photo models and invited beauty and art experts to participate in this event online. The museum arranged a series of masterclasses, interviews, zoom meetings, and presentations within the show’s framework.

One of the most important accomplishments of Miss.Gun was  to help us establish the museum’s online platform during the COVID. With his generous assistance, we organized a show for emerging artists and fashion designers from Europe, UAE, USA, who didn’t have any chances to participate in person and had an online photo and portrait exhibition in a live format. Our Exhibition had a 3 days format with online masterclasses, experts overview, online presentations and press conferences. Famous Middle East, Russian collectors and International Fashion designs, modeling agencies were invited online to participate and share their point of view. Miss Gun (Melisa Gun) designed a virtual room with a real time video tour around the collection of his exhibition of portraits and NFT, and other photos made by different photographers in different periods of time.

Artist has made significant contribution to the development of digital platforms in various ways:

  • Visual Design and User Interface: Miss.Gun contributes to the user experience by considering the way users interact with digital platforms.
  • Animation and motion design. Animation with NFT effects and motion design add life and interactivity to the Museum digital platform.
  • Content creation: Melisa Gun contributed to the content creation aspect of NFT and digital platforms. She produced digital artworks, illustrations, photographs and videos that enrich the platform’s visual and multimedia content.

Miss.Gun’s artistic skills, creativity, and understanding of aesthetics play a crucial role in shaping the visual and interactive aspects of these platforms, ultimately enhancing the user experience and engagement.

Name of the Online exhibition: “Famous Faces”

Dates: April 2020

Place: Digital Platform, MoRa Museum, NJ, USA

Participants: 150 artists from all round the world

Main audience: gallery clients, collectors, artists, models, business society, models, fashion designers

VIP online quests:

Collectors: David Geffen (USA), Tom Cannon (USA), Adrian Cheng (China), Ivan Morozov (Russia), Mohammed Afkhami (UAE), Ramin Salsali (Germany), Marc Ambrus (Paris), Murano Glass- Pietro and Riccardo Ferro, Murano art collectors from Italy, Philip, Niarchos – art collector, USA, Paul Allen – art collector, USA, Sheikh Hamdan – Dubai, UAE

Designers: John Varvatos (USA), Esteban Cortázar (USA), Ludmila Ivanova (Russia), Galina Shemchuk (Ukraine), Bill Blass (USA)

Models: Kendall Jenner (USA), Gisele Bundchen (Brazilia), Adriana Lima (Brazilia), Eleonora D’Alessandro (Italy), Miranda Kerr (Australia), Kylie Jenner (USA), Tatiana Pustovit (Russia) — Mrs. Miami and Mrs. Florida US NAtion, Daria Rusakova (Russia) — Ms. US Nation 2021, Ms. Florida US Nation 2020, Miss Swimsuit Beauty Ambassador US Nation 2022, Nora Attal (UAE), Sonia Ben Ammar (UAE), Imaan Hammam (UAE), Elena Ksanti -Miss Manhattan US Nation Pageant 2022

Due to the Covid-restrictions, Mora Museum arranged this exhibition as a non-profitable event. There was no fee for the guests and speakers.

This platform helped to unite people from art and fashion, built global networking, and promoted new trends in the modeling and art industries.

Main Sponsors of the event were: UAE Our Emirates Magazine (Dubai, UAE) — Sergei Tokarev, Margo Grant TV channel (NY, USA) — Margo Grant, Russian Chamber of Commerce in Florida (USA) — Victor Lovkin, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (Spain) — Tim Wilson, Louver Abu Dhabi Museum (UAE), Novo Nordisk Foundation – Copenhagen, Denmark

2.September — November 2020 solo art exhibition “WORLD”.

Miss.Gun’s  Exhibition “WORLD” took place in MoRa Museum in New Jersey in September 2021. 45 art works and 10 NFT were displayed in 3 floor museum showroom venues.

The name of the Exhibition: is “WORLD”

Dates: Sep-Oct 2020

Place: Museum of Russian Art (MoRa), 80 Grand Street, Jersey City, New Jersey (USA)

The main aim of the exhibition was to attract attention to modern tendencies in European art and fashion.

One of the primary purposes of the event was to present new art and fashion trends in the modern world and digital industry compared to world art.

The opening ceremony was dated on the 22th of September 2021 and was marked with a fashion runway, where Miss.Gun presented her own brand name and paintings on bodies and dresses.

200 people participated in this event. Famous collectors, businessmen, artists, gallerists, models, actors were our VIP guests.

Our honorable international guests were: The Grenada Ambassador in RF, Russian Ambassador in UAE, Armenian Ambassador in UAE, Italian Ambassador in RF.

The permanent museum’s art and fashion experts were:

Alex AG -New York photographer who works with panoramic photographs, which are digitally modified to reflect different concepts and illustrates the altered point of view, with a long list of exhibitions. Alex works on practical photography, as well as developing the theoretical basis for changes in modern photography in regard to realism.

Irina Matinian -the owner of MESART art gallery and center for professional art growth,

Joseph Shneberg — New Jersey art collector and art curator, professional photographer,

Crystle Stewart — Miss USA 2008, owner of the  Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants.

Ajok Madel — a young model who managed to make an impression in a short time. At 19, she’s already made her mark in all four cities and was among the season’s top walkers, presenting Alexander McQueen, Dries van Noten, and Tom Ford.

David Ru- leading artist of the Express Avangard Gallery, Moscow. Member of the Board of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists.

Yuriy Dikov -Ukranian artist, owner of Dikov & Associates Design Studio, Brooklyn, NY, USA,    art and fashion collector,

Richard Saghian, owner of fast-fashion juggernaut Fashion Nova, art collector

Carly Aguilera, an American/Venezuelan art dealer, founder & director of South Art Gallery, and collector,  acquires art from Latin American artists

Gattinolli by Marwan — Lebanese Fashion Designer — Owner of the Gattinolli by Marwan fashion design house based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Our participants  were:

models: Tatiana Pustovit- primary model (Russia) -Mrs. Florida US Nation, Mrs.Florida US Nation

Our regular sponsors/partners were: Louver Abu Dhabi Museum (UAE)

Novo Nordisk Foundation – Copenhagen, Denmark

Main artist: Miss.Gun  

The opening ceremony was for VIP guests by invitation. It was an evening reception and concert program led by Tatiana Pustovit.

Later, everyone could attend the exhibition within one month during the museum’s working hours.

MoRa museum sold tickets for more than 10,000 dollars, but the most significant achievement was the revenue from the sales: 100 000 dollars.

The opening ceremony was for VIP guests by invitations. It was an evening reception and concert program, led by Mrs. Florida US Nation — Jane Baddik.

Later on, everyone could attend the exhibition within one month during the museum’s working hours.

Miss.Gun’s artistic activities and unusual pieces of art and digital works raised a high interest among our visitors, partners and collectors.  Ten art masterpieces and painted dresses promoted by Melisa Gun, were chosen for the auctions. Miss.Gun being a very diverse artist promotes his own unusual art style “Art without restrictions”.

Miss.Gun being a professional artist with big practical knowledge, helps young artists to raise their career. She enables the brand name of a young contemporary artist — Mr.Vibem within the framework of his solo exhibition.  With his active involvement, Mr.Vibem’s masterpiece was sold at the Shapiro auction for 7,000 dollars, an unknown fact in contemporary young artists’ history and significant promotion and benefit for our museum.

3.November 2021- Presentation of MoRa Museum at the Art Basel Exhibition in Wynwood.

The Name of the Exhibition: Exhibition of art “FORBIDDEN FRUIT.”

Dates: Nov 29th, 2021 – December 31st, 2021.

Place: Wynwood, Miami, Florida.

The main context of the exhibition was to present art and women’s body in the modern entertainment industry.

Miss.Gun attended the International Art Exhibition “Forbidden Fruit” in Miami in November-December 2021 and presented MoRa museum’s art and fashion projects for women.

It was a one-month exhibition with one day gala presentation, at which MoRa Museum had a special evening event on the 31st of December 2021 in the Branch Gallery in Wynwood. Miss.Gun was taking part at the final ceremony of this promotional event/exhibition. Her artworks attracted the attention of many experts from the art industry in South Florida. She was in charge of presenting the most valuable art pieces and dealing with TOP luxury clients.

The luxury evening ceremony was for VIP guests by invitation. It was an evening reception and concert program led by Miss.Gun herself.

Each ticket cost 200 dollars; the places were limited.

More than 50 MoRa auctioneers and collectors participated in this art and fashion show. They confirmed their participation half a year in advance.

Our honorable permanent clients (art dealers) were:

Alla Rosenfeld – collector, Artem Mirolevich -art dealer, Ivan Greg -collector, artist, Dmitry Riblovoviev – collector, Vladimir Potanin – collector, Petr Aven – collector.

35 artists and designers presented their pieces of art; among them were:

Miss.Gun– international contemporary artist

Irina Nakhova (Russia)- An installation artist and painter, she combines painting, sculpture, and new media to create interactive installations and environments that engage viewers as co-creators of conceptual mindscapes, Andrei Kalkutin — Russian contemporary artist — NFT, Digital art,

USA contemporary artists, Museums promotional art projects (Oil on Canvas):

Carol Novak, Chantal Kassarjian, David Ru, Grigory Gurevich, Irina Matinian, Neal Tolunsky, Rustam Turaev, Yuriy Dikov, Zina Zinchik, Alex AG, Naum Medovoy, Emil Silberman, Nata Shemshur, Bai Bing, Cid Roberts, Ramaz Chankotadze, Sofia Nisnevich, Vladimir Gavin, Laurance Rassin, Boris Matiychenko, Tati Knobel, Olga Doty


Mowalola (Nigeria), Sandra Sandor (Hungary), Symonds Pearmain (UK)

The main sponsors of the event were:

Vladimir Lisin — the owner of a metallurgical factory in the Russian Federation, Andrew Filatov-collector, and Oleg Lavrik — representative of the UAE Chamber of Commerce in Dubai (UAE).

The following mass media covered all MoRa exhibitions:

“In light of my extensive professional experience, both as an institutional Director and as an international art expert, I am perfectly qualified to assert that Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) has a great talent and can make a significant impact in the contemporary art and NFT world. Her unique style in creating different versions of art and professional excellence backs up his determination in all he chooses to accomplish in the international art scene. Miss.Gun has exceptional talent in making miracles and presenting her art.

Miss.Gun’s role as a member of the board of advisers in art and fashion is critical for the museum” – Margo Grant – The Director of the MoRa Museum.