Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) has a great talent and can make a significant impact in the art, entertainment and tourism world. Her unique style in creating paintings and NFT digital works, networking and professional excellence backs up her determination in all she chooses to accomplish in the international art scene.

“I was planning to conduct a world known event in my hotel, and was concerned about the Ambassador who can act as a main attractive representative, responsible for the international art and style, fashion standards, fulfilling 5-star hotel image requirements at the same time. No doubt, Miss.Gun is qualified to make contributions absolutely crucial to the art and cultural world in the UAE as a whole, based on his previous international art experience and practical skills”, says General Manager of the Mercure hotel – Levent Tasbas.

Mercure Barsha Heights Hotel Suites and Apartments had an honor to invite Miss.Gun as a main artist and organizer, host for the International Art and Fashion Show/ Exhibition in our hotel, called “World of Beauty”.


International Exhibition “World of Beauty” in Mercure Barsha hotel took part on the 7th of May 2021 in Dubai (UAE) and it included: Art Exhibition of Miss.Gun as a main artist, Mr.Vibem – young artis supported by Miss.Gun, and Fashion Show of cloth, Painted by Miss.Gun as well. Miss.Gun was in charge of scenario, context, and acted as a main artistic host of the event. She presented her art, the collection of new sports t-shirts with paintings of the main artist’s masterpieces.

The event took place in our hotel Mercure ballroom on the 7th of May at 6 pm. It was not a very convenient time to host an event due to the Ramadan Careem, even though hosts were proud to emphasize that all TOP Arab/Muslim fasting UAE representatives took part in it and they had a limited (due to the Covid regulations) number of quests.

VIP guests were invited by private invitations only. Among them are: Ambassador of Ukraine in UAE, Ambassador of RF in UAE, Ambassador of Israel in UAE, Ambassador of Kazakhstan in UAE, The Head of Russia Today in Middle East, The Head of CNN in Middle East, The head of “Our Emirates» radio in UAE, Top Middle East business leaders, the Head of “Our Emirates” magazine, the head of Russian Chamber of Commerce in UAE, art collectors, sheikhs of Sharjah and Adjman, representatives of art galleries, fashion houses, etc.


Russian Chamber of Commerce in UAE

UAE Chamber of Commerce

Rotary Club UAE

Miss.Gun acted also as a brand Ambassador of contemporary young artist Mr.Vibem presenting his works through Miss.Gun’s own  fashion show of designed t-shirts. This show had a huge resonance in Dubai and a good start for our hotel in the perspective of attracting new clients, guests and VIP tourists.

“I consider this event as a major platform for the further marketing promotional and new beneficial projects. I am personally impressed of Miss.Gun’s thinking outside the box, fantastic charisma, acting and art skills that are bringing commercial success, attracting many clients and collectors.  Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) undoubtedly has extraordinary abilities and will definitely raise a new interesting beneficial project”

Levent Tasbas

General Manager

Mercure Barsha Heights

Hotel Suites and Apartments,

Dubai, UAE

tel: +971561710162

e-mail: levent.tasbas@accor.com