Name of the event: Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here exhibition 2021, The Richard Mille Art Prize

Location: Louvre, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Date: November 2021 – March 2022, October 2021 – June 2022

Held annually

The number of participants: 100

Contacts: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Cultural District

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

+971 600 565566



  1. General Provisions:


Swiss watch brand Richard Mille continues its commitment to the promotion of contemporary art, as evidenced by its ten-year partnership with the Louvre Museum — Abu Dhabi. As part of this long-term partnership, the establishment of a new annual exhibition called Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here and The Richard Mille Art Prize have already been announced since 2021. Each year, the shortlist of applicants for it is compiled from the works sent to the open competition. The exhibition is held annually at the forum, which is designed as a space for dialogue and exchange of ideas in the field of contemporary art. The award is designed to highlight and support authors who develop contemporary art in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

At the end of 2021, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UAE, The Richard Mille Art Prize selected works on the theme «Memory, Time and Territory». By the way, the Russian artist Vladimir Vopilin (artistic name: Olan Wolf) also reached the final of the competition. The exhibition of the finalists lasted until March 27 and June 3d 2023 and subsequently became an important annual event in the art world.


The number of participants: 100 artists from all round the world.


For Richard Mille, this is not the first collaboration with a cultural institution. The brand supports contemporary art through a wide range of partnerships around the world, including the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Desert X exhibition in California and the international Frieze Masters fair, as well as collaborations with creatives such as choreographer Benjamin Millepied, composer Thomas Roussel and rapper Pharrell Williams.


“Richard Mille watches have always combined watchmaking, innovation and architecture,” says Peter Harrison, CEO of Richard Mille Europe and the Middle East. — The Richard Mille Art Prize encourages emerging art in the United Arab Emirates and the region as a whole by providing a platform dedicated to creativity, dialogue and diversity. The Richard Mille Art Prize opens a new chapter in the rich and varied history of regional art.»


A competitor registers its participation in one or more nominations of a competition on the organizer’s website.

Each candidate should have a portfolio and previous experience in art exhibition, and competitions. Preferably to have previous awards, judging experience, mass media coverage and art works exhibited on worldwide fairs.

Miss.Gun had a competitive advantage as a previous judge of the judging panel for the coronation of  Mr. and Mrs. UAE International 2022 in Dubai, UAE, as member of advisory Board  MoRa Museum of Contemporary Art (New Jersey, USA -2020), as a Brand Ambassador and member of the International Association “Ambassador Club”-2021-2025, Middle East.

At the appointed time and date, the contestant arrives at the venue of the championship (Louver Museum) or sends his/her art works by post mail in advance, registers his/her participation and is assigned a serial number.


  1. Organizer/Jury


The jury of the competition is a group of experts formed by the Organizing Committee whose goals are to assess on a 10-point scale for the work of participants, where 1 is the lowest score, 10 is the highest score. The score sheet is compiled by the organizers of the competition. After the assessment, the organizing committee calculates the total points for each participant separately and enters the data in the summary tables. The names of the judges are approved by the organizers of the championship and advertised for advertising purposes 3 months before the start of the championship. The evaluation of the jury is subject to appeal by the participants.

The jury members are elected according to the following criteria:

  • —  Work experience more than 5 years
  • —  Expertise in the industry
  • —  Previous victories in competitions
  • — VIP / Governmental status in the Middle East
  • —  There was a total of 6 members


The international jury of the award included

  • Sheikh Khalifa ibn Sultan ibn Khalifa ibn Zayed al-Nahyan,
  • President of UAE Unlimited,
  • Collector and generous philanthropist;
  • Christine Masel, chief curator of the Center Pompidou and the National Museum of Modern Art;
  • Hala Varde, architect and founder of HW Architecture;
  • Suraiya Nouheim, Curator and Director of Collections Management, Louvre Abu Dhabi.


A panel of experts select one contemporary artist to be the first recipient of The Richard Mille Art Prize ($50 000). The Louver Museum selects 5 nominates/winners by voting results for 5 different awards with a prize for further cooperation contract.



  1. Stages of competition


Curated by Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation Director, Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here Competition Reem Fadda is inviting artists to submit new or existing works of art that are related to Icon and Iconic. The materials will look at how the concept of the icon resonates with contemporary art practices and how it shapes new artistic perspectives.

In an increasingly digitized world, the terms Icon and Iconic are often combined and separated. Icon is both an object, an image and a symbol. Its iconic character is due to its visual impact on the viewer. For Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here Competition, artists are invited to re-engage with Icon to bring this iconic effect to life.

Each participant can submit 3 art works in different styles.



  1. Selection of participant/winner


GCC artists (citizens and residents) working in a variety of media, become part of its universal history.

The organizer of the Award/Competition conducts procedures for monitoring the objectivity and impartiality of all stages of voting in the Award, from choosing participants (art works) to determining winners.

In addition, the organizer is an independent observer of the second voting stage—checking the results of the objective stage of selection for voting. At this stage, the organizer is responsible for monitoring compliance with the voting rules: jury cannot be forced to vote for art work, they cannot agitate other members of a jury to vote for a certain candidate/ artwork, and there has to be an acceptable quorum in the voting process.

At the final stage of voting, the organizer also performs a control function and allocates one representative to work in each committee.

The key selection criteria for pieces of art and artist:

  • Artist’s portfolio
  • Previous World Exhibition participations
  • Art techniques
  • Colors
  • Art Message
  • Art story of the painting and art creature
  • Uniqueness and flair
  • Idea of combining all 3-art works

Participants who received in total, according to score sheets, the highest number of points (10) for all 3 artworks presented got a championship in particular nomination. Every title winner is awarded with sash, certificate, multiple opportunities of photoshoots and video shoots, media coverage.


  1. Nominations and winners:


First Nomination: The first recipient of The Richard Mille Art Prize ($50 000) — Nasser Alzayani

The Louver Museum first nomination: Contribution to contemporary art- award – Mr. Vibem The Louver Museum first nomination: Contribution to NFT/Digital art – award —  Ebtisam Abdul Aziz

The Louver Museum first nomination: The best abstract art – award — Artem Mirolevich

The Louver Museum first nomination: Unique new contemporary approaches in art – award -Melisa Gun (artistic name: Miss.Gun)

The Louver Museum’s first nomination: Art and fashion: body art, graffiti – award — Abdulla Lutfi



  1. Award ceremony

On May 31, 2022, the annual award ceremony was held in Louver Abu Dhabi Museum (UAE) at 6 pm. Later on, continued at an exclusive gala dinner at Abu Dhabi’s Art Hub.

The event was kicked off by the Miss US Nation 2021 Daria Rusakova, assisted by Zoey Heavilin, Little Miss California US Nation 2021.

Pianist nominated for an award in the field of art and the organization of entertainment events. The musicians’ bright and emotional performance really warmed up the audience.

The energetic pianist was followed by the violinist, who fascinated the guests with their musicality and charisma. The participants of the ceremony were only representatives of the art industry, collectors, art dealers, representatives of art galleries, judges, and VIP guests.

Big screen on the back of the stage illustrated video cards and digital portfolios of each participant of the contest and art works of the winners.


  1. Sponsors and media


  • Swiss watch brand Richard Mille
  • Abu Dhabi Louver Museum
  • UAE ministry of culture
  • Agency France Museum
  • Sheikh Khalifa ibn Sultan ibn Khalifa ibn Zayed al-Nahyan


Partners sponsors of the event — provide a limited number of gifts for the draw between the participants of the event. Logo printing on the main banner.

Sponsor — provides all participants with gift (souvenir) products, museum catalogues.